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Over 10 years of experience

Founded in 2010, Eicero became one-stop solution for the complete Integrated Smart Solar Energy Solutions, recently serving more than 100 accounts. 

Our team is able to engineer the most optimal customized solutions, obtaining the best performance and value.

Technology driven, Eicero links suitable solutions into Smart Energy Management Systems, connecting the energy generation, storage and the system balancing for each use case.

Including the Electromobility, we provide the EV charging solutions, integrated into the complete solution or as a stand alone solutions. 

Our services include the financing and incentive programs, managed by our advisory team.

Inspection of the existing plants, including drone diagnostics. Eicero have realized the diagnostics on 150MWp installations and we continuously supervise 30MWp of solar parks.


Eicero provides service and repair of the PV inverters.

Our in-house proprietary PID solution, enables to keep the highest panel output possible over time, minimizing the degradation. 

Eicero is committed to create cleaner world, by utilizing the natural sources of energy enabling sustainable future and environment.

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