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Energy Management (EMS)

EnergoStation EMS is a modular electrical energy management system supported by predictive algorithms. It works with an energy balance of consumption, production and accumulation, as well as a scene function according to the current purchase and sale price of electricity derived from the daily market (SPOT).


At the same time, EMS makes it possible to provide business or performance flexibility by externally managing the consumption or delivery of a point of consumption using the REST API interface. The external management will also be used by the community operator for the upcoming use of the energy community installation.


EMS can integrate multiple different energy-relevant technologies in a simple way, focusing on:


  • Management of factories (attenuation based on the distributor's order or in the case of a negative selling price)

  • Accumulation management (according to balance sheet need, price function or flexibility)

  • Control of appliances by enforceable or verifiable consumption:

    • Heat/cold production

    • Electromobility

    • Technology

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