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PV Management

PV Management, factories above 100 kW must be connected to the distributor's control room to maintain the stability of the distribution network. For this reason, every production plant above 100 kW must be equipped with dispatch control, which sends information about the status of the plant and at the same time allows the distribution to reduce its nominal power to the required level. Without functional dispatch control, such a factory cannot be operated at all.


Control of production plants (PVE) does not have to take place only on the basis of the distribution requirement, but also on the basis of the selling price of electricity. When there is an excess of energy, the hourly sales price drops to negative values, and at this point it is advisable to ensure the consumption of the produced energy or a reduction in the PV power output, so that there are no overflows into the distribution system and additional costs in the form of sales at negative prices.


The advantage of PV MAnagement lies in the possibility of easy expansion to a full-fledged enterprise EMS system.

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